EU - ULTRATEC - Acceleration of Textile Processes by Ultrasound

Project: Research project

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The project objective is supporting long-term innovation of the European textile industry and increase its competitiveness by means of the generation of relevant scientific knowledge to develop novel ultrasound processes for textile and nonwoven applications. In the course of the ULTRATEC project the generation of relevant scientific knowledge in sonomechanics will be used to enhance mass transfer in continuously operated wet textile processes. The generation of new knowledge on sonochemistry applied to textile processes will be achieved in order to create synergisms between acoustic fields and enzymes in homogenous and heterogeneous systems, novel lamination and coating processes. In the nonwoven production dedicated design rules for ultrasonically driven processes in the textile industry and dedicated design rules for transducers and ultrasonic equipment for different textile processes will be developed.
Effective start/end date1/01/0431/12/06


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