FAB - Downstream fish migration in mean-sized rivers in Austria Population biological basis and implication for the fish protection and downstream fish migration

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The aim of the project is to describe the impact on the population for downstream migration of selected domestic fish fauna in energy used waters. By applying proposed international established methodologies, including a comprehensive literature review variables will be developed to describe the population dynamics of the observed fish fauna by means of models. Focus will be given on relevant and often unknown factors. Modelling of different load cases will give us the possibility to estimate quantitatively the impact of turbine passage on the population of the fish species besides other factors like quality and availability of habitat, fishery, predation, and so on. Within the project fundamental research will be done to develop accepted and within the current state of science and of practical relevance given statements for necessities to protect fish. The good status concerning the EU water framework directive will be basis for that.
Effective start/end date1/05/1730/06/22


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