Fadenanker - Allogenic suture anchors

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The aim of the project is to develop the prototype of a suture anchor for the fixation of tendons on the bone, which is manufactured from human donor bone. These suture anchors are to be used in tendon-bone joints in foot, knee, hand and shoulder surgery. The project first clarifies the specifications and requirements that the suture anchor must bring with it, and based on that findings appropriate prototypes will be designed. Particular attention must be paid to maximum patient safety and mechanical strength of the products. For this purpose, the parameters of the suture anchor (outer and inner diameter, length, millings, thread design, etc.) must be chosen so that the strength and stability of the anchor are guaranteed. The manufactured suture anchors are sterilized by DIZG and undergo tests to ensure the stability and mechanical quality of the suture anchor. The mechanical tests are carried out by Graz University of Technology and include mechanical loading tests such as tensile-, torsion-, and pull-out tests. For this purpose, mechanical tests are also carried out on the biological specimens. In addition, a highly tear-resistant suture thread material has to be found, which can finally be delivered with the anchor to the end customer. Furthermore, an accurate instrumentation will be developed (drill taps, anchor mesh instrument) to be able to bring in the anchors operatively.
Effective start/end date1/11/1831/10/19


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