FaRexEV - Influence of driver behaviour on the efficiency-optimal control of xEV drivetrains

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In recent years the analysis and assessment of driver profiles has become increasingly important due to the progress in the area of assistance systems and the steadily growing electrification of the drivetrain. The findings from the driver profiles can flow into the tuning of the vehicle and the assistance systems. The advantage of these systems lies in the individual design of the behavior of the vehicle (comfort and performance) for a special driver, as well as in the optimization of fuel or energy consumption. The project includes an evaluation of the influence of driver behavior on the control of electric and hybrid-electric drivetrains in passenger cars. In the course of series of measurements with chosen test persons, and on the basis of defined criteria for the objective assessment of drivability, various influencing parameters on the control of the drivetrain will be recorded and evaluated. Subsequently, a simulation model for computer-aided potential estimation of different control strategies will be developed. This project aims at the optimization of drivetrain control strategies with regard to comfort criteria, as well as the optimization of fuel and energy consumption.
Effective start/end date1/02/1831/12/18


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