FFF - z-Elastizität - z-Elasticity

  • Lechthaler, Markus (Principal Investigator (PI))

Project: Research project

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The project aim is to investigate how far the deformation behaviour (short Z elasticity) of paper influences the refining and further processing quality in the direction of the bulking thickness in connection with surface topography.
* If deformation behaviour in Z direction and surface topography is strongly irregular, then a high volume and resistance loss in satinage and smoothing processes is expected.
* If papers with strong heterogeneity of its surface and its compressibility become printed an irregular print-out has to be expected.
* The coating of base papers with a heterogeneous compressibility results in an uneven coating layer with negative effects on the paper quality.
Classic deformation tests on papers are limited to measuring the compressibility between rollers or plates. The homogeneity of the deformation behaviour of papers in Z direction in resolution of microns cannot be examined by these methods. It is aim of the project to measure and to evaluate the deformation behaviour in Z direction and the surface topography spatially. The effect of the z-elasticity on paper properties like smoothness, gloss, volume, stiffness and its influence on printability or post-processing processes like die cutting and folding are investigated. The Z elasticity is result of the raw and auxiliary material choice and of the use of production and refining technologies. To be able to examine the complex interactions, multivariate statistical methods are used.
Effective start/end date1/11/0430/11/06


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