FFG-ELYSE - Electricity for Light duty commercial hYbrid powertrain SystEms

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    The operation of light-duty commercial vehicles (LD-trucks) is characterized by frequent cold starts, long operation at part load and extreme changes of load. The efficiency of LD-powertrains has been improved in the past by the introduction of direct injection Diesel engines. Moreover, hybrid powertrain technologies are currently under investigation in order to further improve the overall vehicle efficiency (see Daimler Chrysler Hybrid-Sprinter). A real break-through in view of even better environmental compatibility of such LDtrucks in inner cities could be reached if pure electric driving would be possible at least in a limited range and with limited performance. Some cities have already introduced access restrictions and it would be reasonable if only vehicles operated in pure electric mode with zero-limited-emissions (locally including noise) will get the permission to enter such restricted zones. Major problem of such powertrains is the supply of sufficient electric energy for driving. Hence, it is the main objective of the project Electricity for Light duty commercial hYbrid powertrain SystEms - ELYSE to investigate the integration of a continuous source of electricity in form of a fuel cell fuelled by reformate gas, which is generated from the same Diesel fuel as used for the Diesel engine in a LD-hybrid commercial powertrain.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/08


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