FFG-LiTech - Easy to use professional business and system control applications

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Within this K-Project we gain basic and applied knowledge about natural and simple user interfaces for professional business and system control applications. Company partners of the consortium are developing the targeted professional applications mainly including control systems for machinery, presentation tools, and the complete logistic chain as well as configuration tools for cement plant control systems and medical computer equipment. Supporting these companies from the perspective of public by enhancing research in the area of human-computer interaction is a promising strategy for the enhancement of value creation for the national economy. However, due to the interdisciplinary nature of research in the more specific area of natural and simple user interfaces to professional systems it is certainly not easy to pursue common research strategy in rural regions. Since we intend to strengthen Vorarlberg as applied research location for natural and simple user interfaces to professional applications, the programme line “K-Project” is an adequate funding instrument for this type of interdisciplinary research. Vorarlberg’s industry has strong needs to gain such knowledge rurally, because this region consists of many global niche players.
Effective start/end date1/10/1430/09/18


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