FibreZyme - Control and Mechanisms of Enzymes on Cellulose Fibers

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Pulp and paper production is a large industrial sector in Austria with many mills currently implementing more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. Among these efforts, the great potential of enzyme applications in several crucial process steps has been demonstrated already in the past. Our project FibreZyme focuses on the more targeted use of enzymes in refining, deinking and viscosity adjustment by providing a better understanding of enzyme mechanisms on cellulose fibres and their influence on fibre and paper properties. The results of FibreZyme include detailed mechanistic knowledge on the action of purified enzymes and their combinations on cellulose fibres and suitable process control strategies based on that knowledge. From these findings company partners should be able to choose suitable enzyme formulations based on the developed knowledge and implement application into their different individual processes.
Short titleFibreZyme
Effective start/end date1/01/2030/06/22


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  • Refining Enzymes - a mechanistic study

    Martin Nagl (Speaker), Oskar Haske-Cornelius (Contributor), Lukas Skopek (Contributor), Alessandro Pellis (Contributor), Wolfgang Bauer (Contributor), Gibson S. Nyanhongo (Contributor) & Georg M. Guebitz (Contributor)

    19 May 2022

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