Fixed Bed / Moving Bed Combustion / Gasification

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A large part of the energy needed by the society is provided by gasification and/or combustion of burnable material, whereby in addition to oil mainly solid fuels like coal, biomass and also garbage are of particular interest. In order to improve the efficiency of a furnace, to reduce the specific fuel consumption as well as to minimise the pollutants it is necessary to learn more about the combustion process. To provide an efficient tool for the optimisation of a combustion plant the institute is working since many years on the mathematical modelling of the combustion/gasification process and developed appropriate computer programs. These codes are based on the differential equations for the conservation of mass, energy and momentum. The main features of these codes are: ReaMod: transient 1 coordinate 2 phases current / co-current heat and mass transfer dispersion drying and pyrolysis 4 homogeneous and 4 heterogeneous reaction numerical solver: LIMEX ReaPar: transient 1d + 1d 2 phases fixed bed heat and mass transfer ReaPar: transient 2 coordinates (One in the direction of the gas flow in the bed and one in the direction of each single particle) 2 phases heat and mass transfer dispersion drying and pyrolysis 4 heterogenous and 4 homogenous reactions solver: LIMEX
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/05


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