Flexible Sand Traps 2.0 - Flexible Sand Traps 2.0

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The Tonstad Flexible Sand Trap project contained the investigations of the sand trap improvements for the Tonstad pressurized sand trap, including the 3D CFD modelling in collaboration with physical model testing.
Additional outcome of the studies was the possibility of significant power upgrade of the Tonstad power plant. This upgrade can be achieved by allowing additional water flow through the power water way allowing deeper water level in the surge tanks. A significant discharge upgrade of 25% was found to be possible, enabling about 20% power upgrade. The discharge increase for the existing pressure tunnel system is possible by upgrading the surge tanks in order to expand the volume available at the level of the start-up chambers. The existing power plant can further be upgraded by the measures for significant higher flexibility by structurally expansion of the surge tank. In order to enable an economic and convenient surge tank expansion by minimized outage time, a concept was developed to attach one large lower chamber serving for all units that can also be constructed in some portion during operation of the power plant. The investigations covered 1D numerical simulations and supervised master theses by TU Graz to develop a single extension chamber of the lower surge tank system of the Tonstad power plant scheme. A promising solution is to improve the single extension chamber with a novel developed semi air cushion development, described in Sterner 2018 [1] and Richter 2020 [2].This extension project addresses the key two structures to be further improved for specific applications;
(i) the design details for the semi-air cushion chamber and
(ii) improving the flow calmer for the pressurized chamber, especially to investigate a design that is passable for persons and vehicles.
Effective start/end date1/05/201/10/20


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