FreChe Materie Wiss.Kolleg-LR - fForte Wissenschafterinnenkolleg 'FreChe Materie'

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The objective of the new Ph.D. Program for women is to offer young, talented female students a possibility of Ph.D. studies in the field of chemical materials in the multidisciplinary research area between inorganic and organic chemistry. The project encompasses nine research groups at the Graz University of Technology and the University of Graz. Moreover, not only academic research but also industrial internships will be an integral part of this program. In addition, a new mentoring program with executives from industry and science will give an example on how to direct one's career to management positions. Therefore, the aim of this program is to open a cereer path for women in areas like chemical engineering, inorganic chemistry and material sciences which were - until now - unterrepresented by women.
Effective start/end date25/01/0730/11/11


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