FTG-P06 Determination of reference values for a vehicle dynamics controller

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The objective of this research work is the determination of reference values for the control of active chassis components. It is a joint research project between the institute of Automotive Engineering and Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik. The conceptual formulation is to determine a reference vehicle behaviour according to measured driver input data (e.g. the steering wheel angle, the position of the accelerator pedal) and measured vehicle state variables (e.g. lateral and longitudinal acceleration, yaw rate) and to provide a realizable state trajectory to a superordinated vehicle controller (Global Chassis Controller). These presets should allow the controller to transfer the actual vehicle state to a reference state under special performance criterions. In addition to provide steady state demands on vehicle behaviour the dynamic response of the car is of key importance, because these dynamic attributes define the characteristic of a vehicle. The basis for determining of an ideal reference behaviour is a comprehensive literature research of publications dealing with subjective-objective vehicle handling links, as well as an analysis of the dynamic vehicle attributes of selected reference cars. An identification of predominant links between subjective and objective handling should allow to predetermine vehicle characteristic by dynamic properties that can be realized by an intelligent chassis. In addition to ideal transfer functions between driver input and vehicle output this research focuses on specific filter functions and optimization routines to give a special vehicle characteristic. The results of this research project should help to adapt the vehicle even better to the drivers abilities and expectations and thus should contribute to the general aim to increase vehicle performance with regard to safety, riding comfort and of course driving pleasure.
Effective start/end date1/01/0631/12/08


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