Fuel Cells in Graz Cycle

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All types of high temperature fuel cells especially molten carbonate fuel cells and oxide ceramic fuel cells require a conditioning of gases on both sides of their dividing plane. It seem unavoidable to use gas turbine systems to provide the proper loading i.e. the pressure and temperatures required for an optimal electrochemical process. In general fuel cells have been successfully operate in the range below 1MW only so that a situation in which the fuel cell is the main component of a power cycle requires a considerable amount of turbomachinery just to provide the necessary operating conditions. The institutes proposal is to include fuel cells into the well studied Graz cycle. The inclusion of the fuel cell as part of the combustion chamber has the advantage that the combustion products of the fuel cell can be carried on into the burners of the combustion chamber of the Graz cycle without reconditioning and that even a small output of the fuel cell would have an important thermodynamic effect and improvement on the total cycle in general
Effective start/end date1/01/9631/01/97


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