Fuzzy Logic Controlled CHP Plant for Biomass Fuels Based on a Highly Efficient Orc-process (LOW EMISSION BIO-ORC)

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One key objective of the project proposed is the demonstration of an innovative small-scale biomass CHP technology based on an ORC process with a nominal electric capacity of 1,000 kW. The second key aim is the development and implementation of a Fuzzy Logic process control system in combination with an Artificial Neuronal Network optimising the performance of the overall CHP plant. Regarding economy, the EU cost targets (investment costs greater 1500 Euro/kWe; electricity production costs greater 0.05 Euro/kWh) will be kept by the innovative small-scale biomass CHP technology. Technological targets are to show that the overall efficiency is above 95% and the electric efficiency is about 15%. This ORC process represents the largest biomass-fired application in Europe, is suitable for multi-fuel feed and shows excellent partial load behaviour which is relevant for heat controlled operation. Moreover, the project proposed will contribute to a CO2 emission reduction of 23,000 t/a.
Effective start/end date1/01/0130/06/03


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