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Augmented Reality (AR) by Example is a novel approach to generate AR applications from existing video and image demonstrations. Previous techniques create AR applications using a time-consuming process, which requires skills with 3D modeling and animation software, in addition to knowledge of the technical components of an AR system. While any AR application will benefit from a simple authoring process, this project will mainly target the generation of AR applications for knowledge presentation in tutorials. While traditionally images have been used to provide visual instructions, with the success of video sharing platforms a large body of video tutorials is additionally available. Both, image and video tutorials effectively convey complex motions, but are difficult to follow precisely because of their 2D nature. AR tutorials have been revealed to be more effective. This research projects brings the advantages of 2D and 3D instructions together by automatically creating three-dimensional AR tutorials from conventional 2D data. Unlike previous work, we will not simply overlay video, but synthesize 3D registered motion from the input data. Since the information in the resulting AR tutorial is registered to 3D objects, the user can freely change the viewpoint without degrading the AR experience. This is achieved by investigating a number of different techniques. First, we have to extract the author's 3D environment and all 3D motion from the input data. Second, we need to provide tools for editing and retargeting the resulting 3D scene to the user's current environment. Third, we will develop comprehensible visualization techniques, specific for instructions in AR environments to effectively communicate the instructions extracted before. The research is complemented by qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the effects the investigated techniques have on users. This research project has great potential in applications concerned with crowed sourced training and teaching.
Effective start/end date1/03/1828/02/21


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