FWF - Cyano Oxyfunctionalization - Enzymatic oxyfunctionalization driven by photosynthesis

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Biotechnological processes offer clean and sustainable conditions for challenging chemical reactions. Many biocatalytic reactions, however, require the supply of oxygen, which is often a limiting factor. Photosynthetic microorganisms have the unique ability to produce oxygen in situ. The project investigates the factors determining oxygen evolution during light-driven photobiocatalytic reactions in cyanobacteria. Focus lies on the understanding, to which extent the cells can provide this critical co-substrate under oxygen-limiting conditions. Understanding the physiological effects of light-driven biotransformations and potential strategies for their improvement by cell engineering is an important basis to establish cyanobacteria as clean production organisms for the sustainable synthesis of chemical and pharmaceutical products.
Effective start/end date1/09/2331/08/26


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