FWF - E-Learning - Current and future E-Learning Science

  • Albert, Dietrich (Co-Investigator (CoI))

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Research and Development in the field of Learning Science from different points of views becomes more and more important from a basic research point of view as well as in the light of application. The reasons are among others (a) the strong need for learning and teaching in science education (STEM) at all levels in developed countries as well as in developing countries, and (b) the great chances brought by digitalization in learning and teaching for closing the gap between current and target states. (c) Both of these objectives have to be grounded on scientific results and methods in psycho-pedagogical science and in computer science which are covered by Cognitive Science and e-Learning Science. Specific objectives: (a) presenting and exchanging current research about Learning Science, (b) discussing and planning future joint Research, Development and Innovation in the field of e-Learning Science, (c) seeking further opportunities for cooperation, e.g. a virtual doctoral seminar, joint publications.
Effective start/end date13/09/1716/09/17


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