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Simultaneous measurement of several parameters is of much importance in many fields such as process and environmental monitoring, medicine and many other fields of science and technology. Sensors often are used for this purpose if continuous monitoring is necessary or classical analytical methods can not be used. Typical examples of simultaneous determination of several parameters with help of sensors include controlling of fermentation in bioreactors, analysis of exhaust gases, seawater analysis and diagnostic of blood gases. Multyparameter measurements can be either performed with help of several individual sensors (sensor arrays) or, alternatively, using a single multy-analyte sensor. The latter possibility is especially attractive for manufacturing reasons and can be especially well realized with help of optical sensors since multiply information can be transmitted in the form of light. This project is aimed to realize optical multy-analyte sensors that are capable of simultaneous measurement of 4 parameters. The respective individual probes in the form of micro- or nanobeads will be dispersed in the sensing layers. The properties of the individual probes will be tuned to fulfill the requirements of the multy-analyte sensors. The following 4-parameter sensors will be designed: 1. pH, pO2, pCO2 and temperature - for determination of blood gases and for biotechnological applications; 2. pH, pO2, salinity and temperature - for application in marine research; 3. pH, pNH3, pO2 and temperature - for fish farming. Three chemical parameters will be determined and combined with optical compensation for the temperature effects. The project includes the following parts: Optimization of the individual sensors; their integration in a single sensing element; establishment of the optoelectronic set-up; elaboration of algorithms for data processing; and characterization of the multy-analyte sensors.
Effective start/end date1/11/0831/10/10


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