FWF - SIMTRIM - Stable Isogeometric Analysis of Trimmed Geometries

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The project “Stable Isogeometric Analysis of Trimmed Geometries" is aimed at making a significant contribution towards the goal of a seamless integration of design and analysis. In general, the application of functions used in Computer Aided Design (CAD) to numerical simulation is denoted as isogeometric analysis. CAD models provide the best geometrical representation of the problem considered and their direct integration improves the efficiency of the overall analysis process. However, one main challenge is the analysis of so-called trimmed geometries which consist of visible and invisible components. First of all, only the visible part defines the domain of interest and has to be considered for the computation. Moreover, trimmed objects may induce instabilities to the numerical simulation. The goal of the project is to develop robust procedures that allow a stable and higher order isogeometric analysis of trimmed geometries. In the proposed approach the stabilization of the simulation is realized by reformulating the instable functions as combination of stable ones. This is done in a general manner so that it can be applied to complex cases. A requirement of the method is that a sufficient number of stable functions is available. This is accomplished by the application of local refinement techniques. In addition, a tailored integration scheme is employed to preserve integration accuracy. The final outcome of the project will provide a big step towards the analysis of real-world problems without the need of generating an additional analysis model. In particular, an isogeometric analysis is derived which enables a stable and higher order analysis of the most common CAD models used in engineering design.
Effective start/end date14/08/1713/02/18


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