Gebäudelehre - Draft on an architectural building theory

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This publication is based on the habilitation thesis that undertands architectural design as a transformative process of loosely present elements, patterns and precedents for spatial formation into material proposals for concrete locations. This theme is explored in two parts: on the one hand, in the form of a newly drawn building typology that relies on the traditional notation of architectural ideas: ground plans, sections and elevations of twelve often classical architectural projects in twelve public contexts - theater, museum, library, state, office, recreation, religion, retail, factory, education, control and hospital. On the other hand, in three essays that conceive architectural education as learning from logistical and aesthetic bandwidths as cultural dimensions of building in the beginning. These encountered elements and components, buildings and designs, ensembles and city forms are being designerly transformed into proposals for - again - concrete places using patterns and precedents for spatial formation.
Effective start/end date1/06/1731/12/17


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