GEN-AU GOLD II (Genomics of Lipid-associated Disorders): C3 - Role of transcription factor family AP-1 in energy and fat metabolism

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      Previous data suggest that JunB is important for the control of adipocyte differentiation and lipid metabolism. Therefore we want to define the physiological pathways that depend on JunB to decipher the key signaling molecules which are transcriptionally regulated by JunB. The long term goal of this project is to explore the role of the AP-1 transcription factor family in energy and fat metabolism. To investigate the function of JunB in adipose tissue development. JunB delta/delta and UbiJunB mice will be used for phenotypical characterization focusing on adipogenesis and lipid metabolism. RNA samples of several tissues will be subjected to microarray analysis to identify genes involved in adipogenesis and lipid metabolism that are regulated by JunB. ChIP on chip assays will be used to identify target genes of the AP-1 transcription factor family. To generate and characterize adipose tissue specific AP-1 knock out mice and to identify differentially expressed genes. Adipose tissue specific ko mice will be compared to the conventional ko-mice analyzed in Aim 1. Genes newly identified by microarray analysis will be tested for their functional relevance in vitro.
      Effective start/end date1/12/0531/10/08


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