General Machine Dynamics, Rotordynamics and Acoustics

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Machine dynamics deals with vibration processes and all the computational methods to avoid resonances, that means noise, overstrain and at least damage. Non-linear elements like oil film in journal bearings will be calculated numerically and so now it is possible to predetermine the oscillation behaviour and sound radiation of diesel engines as well as turbine rotors and blades and short-circuit resistance of turbo sets. However, appropriate experiments - with new rotor dynamic monitoring devices - are necessary to compare the numerical results of the vibration behaviour but also to get damping parameters. The research work is occupied with vibration investigations and expert opinions in a wide palette of machines and power plants and the study of sound radiation and sound attenuation by active sound control. At present, an experimental turbine is being built where the flow phenomenon and the vibration behaviour of rotor and blades may be tested under special conditions. So an improvement in the analytical models for vibration monitoring in rotating machines and the diagnosis methods required to this is made possible. Use to the practical problems the results will cause a vibration reduction and therefore a service life and safety increase and will show possibilities of effective noise control. The institute participates in the European research activity COST Action F3 "Structural Dynamics" (Health Monitoring, Non-linear Systems, Active Control of Structures).
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