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The grate of a biomass-fired furnace works at highest efficiency and with least pollutants when fuel is present on the whole area of the grate and when no burning fuel drops into the ash bin. In practice this is rarely the case for small and medium sized biomass furnaces since both furnace load and calorific value of the fuel may vary widely. Therefore often manual adjustments of grate operation and air supply are necessary by the operator of the boiler. This task can be replaced by "Glow Guard". The detector system "Glow Guard" is selectively sensitive to radiation from glowing carbon and was developed to measure location and intensity of burning material on the grate of biomass-fired furnaces. By the use of several detectors an optimal operation of the furnace can be guaranteed. The system can be operated so that the whole grate area is covered by fuel, so the amount of fuel for zero load operation is minimal (when the fire may not go out), that the amount of pollutants is minimal and that no glowing carbon is dropped into the ash bin.
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/00


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