GOCOnAUT - Combined high-resolution global gravity field model from satellite gravity missions GOCE, GRACE and CHAMP, complemented by terrestrial gravity, altimetry and SLR data

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    The main objective of the project GOCOnAUT is the generation of high-resolution global gravity field models, by combining data from the satellite gravity missions GOCE, GRACE and CHAMP with complementary gravity field information represented by terrestrial and air-borne data, satellite altimetry, and satellite laser ranging. These different data types are complementary with respect to their measurement principle, accuracy, spatial distribution and resolution, and spectral (error) characteristics. By means of data combination, benefit can be taken from their individual strengths and favourable features, and in parallel specific deficiencies can be reduced, leading finally to global models of the Earths gravity field with high spatial resolution and accuracy. A detailed global map of the Earths gravity field contributes to many branches of Earth system sciences, e.g., geophysics, geodesy, oceanography, cryospheric and climate research. In accordance with the call of the ASAP 6, the proposed project addresses the space-relevant science programme (Program Element 1), but also aspects of Program Element 2 (international programs). The work offered in this proposal will be jointly performed by the Institute of Navigation and Satellite Geodesy, Graz University of Technology (Prime Investigator) and the Space Research Institute, Department of Satellite Geodesy, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Co-Investigator).
    Effective start/end date1/11/0931/03/11


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