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The Mühlbach Mureck-Radkersburg is an artificial side channel of the Mur with a length of about 22 km. In the last decades, the deepening of the river bed of the Mur meant that the endowment of the channel at the outlet structure in the area of the present Schiffsmühle was no longer sufficiently guaranteed and the Mühlbach fell dry, especially in the summer months. In 2000, the Mühlbach was lengthened and a new endowment structure was built about 800m west of the existing inlet structure. The consensual discharge water volume is 3.0 m³/sec. This consensual water volume can currently no longer be guaranteed, especially during low water periods. Through structural changes to the river bed of the Mur in the inlet area, it should now be possible to discharge 3.0 m³/sec. into the Mühlbach over as long a period of the year as possible. By means of a numerical model, the initial state and six variants for different water flows are to be calculated in order to determine structural measures that will significantly improve the inlet situation.
Effective start/end date24/06/2031/12/21


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