Green_Gantry - Innovative wood solutions for stationary toll systems (gantries)

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As a consequence of an ongoing development and an increasing professionalization regarding the design, production and logistics, modern timber engineering has become not only an ecological and CO2-saving but also an economically and technologically competitive alternative to conventional building solutions in steel or concrete. This goes along with timber constructions entering market segments, which were formerly reserved for these traditional but energy-intensive building materials. One example, where this process did not happen so far, are stationary toll systems (gantries) as components of roadside infrastructure, which are applied worldwide in various different building types but exclusively in structural steel. It is a fact that the given extremal weathering conditions (amongst others a steady and harmful exposure by de-icing salts) as well as a fatigue-relevant loading lead to a disadvantageous behaviour of the steel structure and consequently to rather short maintenance cycles. This aspect combined with the relevant impact of the mass of steel gantries on the carbon footprint of the roadside infrastructure, motivate us to generate the technical basis for a medium-term substitution of common steel gantries by innovative timber solutions in the frame of the GREEN_GANTRY project. This goes along with many experimental investigations, which are on the one side carried out as small-scale-tests in the laboratory and by means of a 1:1 test station on the other. Furthermore, the successful substitutability shall be verified by means of an objective and comprehensible life cycle assessment.
Effective start/end date1/06/2231/05/25


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