GreenHVAC4Rail - [Original in Deutsch: Gesamtoptimierte emissionsfreie Heating-, Ventilating- und Air Conditioning-Anlage für Rail-Anwendungen]

Project: Research project

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GreenHVAC4Rail focuses on the development of an environmentally friendly air conditioning system with integrated heat pump for use in rail vehicles. So far synthetic HFC refrigerants with a very high global warming potential (ca. 1500 CO2 equivalent) have been used. This now is replaced by the natural refrigerant CO2, which is obtained as a residuary product from industrial processes, avoiding any emission of harmful HFC greenhouse gases. The heat pump, in turn, saves up to 40% of electric power as compared to current commonly used electric heating systems, especially in winter time. At the end of this project a prototype system with newly developed components will be available. This makes possible an early world market launch of innovative CO2 air conditioning systems, developed and produced by an Austrian consortium.
Effective start/end date1/03/1330/09/15


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