green.LAB - Permanent temporary city oasis in urban transformation processes

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The objective of the project is to develop and implement a scalable temporary and post utilization concept for the brownfield sites. This should enable interested people to permanently or temporarily experience, shape and implement the green infrastructure in their district as a central climate change adaptation measure in cities. For this purpose an innovative demonstration building will be constructed as an example of a temporary use (green.LAB) on the brownfield area in the Smart City district. The green.LAB is a further development of the Urban Boxes of Energie Steiermark aiming at development of a transportable modular timber construction combined with green building concepts, biodiversity, district garden, rainwater management as well as efficient energy supply and the use of renewable energy sources. The green.LAB will be open to different target groups (neighbors / citizens, developers, investors, schools, businesses, administration) as a low- threshold, open learning, working and exhibition space for all topics revolving around urban green as well as a meeting point in the city district. It should be also temporarily used as the office of the district management. The green.LAB as a demonstration building with an innovative temporary-use concept should be scaled up in different urban development areas after the completion of the project. Moreover, concrete usage scenarios as well as use cases, including business models for the “green urban boxes” will be developed and evaluated
Effective start/end date1/02/1831/01/21


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