GreenTechValley_2022 - Integrated innovations for the heat- and power-transition

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Green Tech Valley – Integrated innovations for the heat- and power-transition. The EU has climate change mitigation goals of a 40 % reduction in CO2 emissions and 27 % of energy from renewable sources by 2030. The climate and energy strategy of the province of Styria is targeting the expansion of renewable energy from the current 29.7 % to 40 % renewable by the same date. This requires an increased impetus on heat, power and mobility, but also the development of storage capacity for variable renewable sources and an intelligent network of consumers and producers (smart grid, predictive demand side management). The aim of this exploratory project is to achieve the ambitious goal of 100 % renewable energy within the strategic boundaries (for example energy strategy of Styria). The technological strengths of this hotspot, which is internationally known as “Green Tech Valley”, will be bundled within an overall concept and a project cluster and therefore a comprehensive and large-scale demonstration – in the sense of the flagship region – will be prepared.
Effective start/end date1/07/1631/03/17


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