Harmonization of Methods for Forward and Inverse Modelling

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      The overall objective of NEMY is to improve the diagnostic information content of electro- and magnetocardiographic data by developing standardized systems for noninvasive exa-mination of the heart. The individual objectives are to harmonize methods for BSP and MCG mapping, to harmonize methods for modelling, to create an environment for the exchange of measurement and modelling data, create a library of anatomical models and electromagnetic data for both normal and pathological cardiac conditions, derive the specifications and assess the feasibility of a standardized methodology for accurate indirect sensing of myocardial condition and to improve the reliability, accuracy and sensitivity of noninvasive methods of diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cardiac patients. Our group is involved as an associated partner in the field of cardiac forward and inverse modelling. The forward and inverse methods developed should be harmonized with those of the other modelling groups involved in NEMY I. The standardization of modelling the volume conductor and of the inverse method is of specific interest when noninvasive functional imaging is evaluated. Such a standardization allows the evaluation of the different methods as well as the evaluation of different data sets. Software tools were developed by our group which enables a transformation of different boundary element data formats into each other.
      Effective start/end date1/01/9531/12/97


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