HDV-CO2-Lot4-SR7 - VECTO tool development: completion of methodology to simulate Heavy Duty Vehicles, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions; upgrades to the existing version of VECTO, and completion of certification methodology to be incorporated into a Comission legislative proposal

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The Institute develops the future method for the CO2 certification of Heavy Duty Vehicles. The method is based on the measurement of the components relevant for the fuel consumption (mass, rolling resistance coefficient of tires, aerodynamic drag, losses in the drive train, fuel map of the engine, power demand of auxiliaries) combined with the simulation of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for the entire vehicle using the measured component data. The simulation is using the principles of vehicle longitudinal dynamics and a driver model to compute engine power and engine speed for standardises test cycles. In Lot4 all open issues in the definition of the component test procedures and in the software (“VECTO”) shall be solved to allow the implementation of the procedure in the certification of conventional trucks with gross weights above 7.5 tons. In parallel basic work for light trucks and for hybrid vehicles shall be performed.
Effective start/end date19/12/1431/05/17


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