HF14-120_HVAC via FACADE - Prefabricated faade elements with highly integrated HVAC components and systems for refurbishment

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Austria and Europe are largely built. Thus it makes sense, in the future when the energy and climate strategies are defined to be taken seriously, to develop new and improved methods of refurbishment and to provide them to practioneers. Currently in the thermal rehabilitation hardly prefabricated façade and building technology modules or components are used. Thermal renovations of existing buildings are mostly carried out by thermal insulation composite systems on the outside walls, window replacements or insulations of the top ceilings. Building technology components are renewed in opposition to thermally renovated buildings and are installed with high costs, or are mostly left in its original status. Thereby distribution lines are just as before installed with great effort in not accessible internal chambers. Especially subsequent distribution lines and ventilation systems in existing buildings reduce net floor area and ceiling heights. Adjustments and reconciliations for common distribution lines with other residents are usually difficult and not possible. In terms of a comprehensive renovation and modernization of the 60s and 70s buildings, it is reasonable to do this schedule concurrently with the thermal refurbishment. Only in this way a maximum synergy of both, technical and economic components, is available. Therefore it is necessary to develop intelligent energy supply concepts integrated within the prefabricated façade modules, which are in close interaction with the underlying apartment. Furthermore, also trends in the field of smart grids and smart metering should be considered. The developments need to be evaluated according to energy, building physics and comfort criterias by extensive building simulations on a representative reference building.
Effective start/end date1/06/1431/05/17


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