HF16-061_Assessment of the application of electric heating components in the window reveal area

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The replacement of windows is often carried out as a singular measure regarding the energy-related renovation of buildings. The insulation of the walls is often postponed to a later date or even indefinitely. The installation of new windows usually results in a significant increase of the air-tightness of the building envelope and therefore in a significant drop in air exchanges rates. If the building user does not change his ventilation habits accordingly a sharp increase in indoor humidity levels is often inevitable. In combination with the lack of appropriate insulation measures this can easily lead to mould formation on classical thermal bridging areas, especially in the window reveals. The study focused on the potentials of a selective electric heating of these cold surfaces to reduce the risk for mould formation. Within the study three frequent critical installation scenarios have been defined. Based on these various different installation setups and heating powers were applied using thermal simulation tools. The resulting temperature profiles and energy demands were compared and evaluated, further development opportunities could be identified.
Effective start/end date21/06/1618/11/16


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