HF17-191 Holz-Hochhaus (HOHO) - Hybridstruktur

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High-rise wood based buildings pose a particular challenge in many respects. In this project was granted under the project number 863830, the researchers of the Laboratory for Building Physics in particular examined specific sound-technical aspects. A new design principle was developed based on a concrete core, CLT-concrete hybrid ceiling with concrete base and wooden supports in combination with a curtain-mounted wooden faade construction, which was also to be investigated with regard to the acoustic behavior. On a 1: 1 mockup, the acoustical lbehavior, in particular of the cross joint of the construction with lightweight partition walls, was investigated in the laboratory and the existing mechanisms of action were investigated in order to develop appropriate calculation models and to find approaches for possible optimization measures.
Effective start/end date1/08/1728/02/18


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