HICAR - Structured oxygen carriers for long-term use with increased cycling stability for the storage and generation of green hydrogen

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The use of green hydrogen as a secondary energy carrier is a suitable candidate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in industry and mobility. In the HICAR project, the production and storage of green hydrogen is significantly optimized through the production of a structured oxygen carrier prototype using a chemical looping process. In the project, iron oxide is introduced as an active material in a ceramic structure. Iron oxide is considered as a promising material for industrial-scale green hydrogen production due to its good environmental performance, low cost and good availability. The innovative oxygen carrier system enables the active material to be spatially separated into separate compartments. In contrast to conventional materials in the form of pellets, the mechanical stability and the cycle stability can be significantly increased. The breaking of the pellets due to material fatigue as a result of numerous reaction cycles and the associated abrupt deterioration in reactivity and the increase in pressure drop in the fixed-bed reactor can thus be prevented. Material development is therefore the key to success for the production of green hydrogen in order to significantly reduce the production costs of green hydrogen. The goal of HICAR is thus the production of a filled structured oxygen carrier prototype that can be used for the efficient production of green hydrogen and the long-term storage of chemically bound energy.
Effective start/end date1/02/2331/03/24


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