High-voltage engineering (finished)

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High-voltage power transmission ensure low losses. Therefore one of the main task of high-voltage engineering relates to the breakdown processes within the insulating systems of electrical power components. The physical understanding of the individual ageing and prebreakdown behaviour is the key point for any reliable and economic design of power equipments. An additional point deals with the studies of any type of electrical stress by operating voltages or overvoltages, caused by lightning and switching impulses. Furthermore one of the tasks of high voltage engineering is the tests of apparatus. For them test voltage generators with belonging measuring technique are necessary. Therefore the task of high voltage engineering exists in the realization of economic and technical system solutions. On that occasion the most modern methods from many fields of technology and sciences are used. On the basis of the extensive areas of responsibility, from physics over electrical engineering to computer science, from mathematics over environmental technique to quality management, high voltage engineering is today one of the key technologies to a wide spectrum of technical applications.
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/01


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