Hot Ice Weiz - Latentwämenutzung with ice loft and heat pump into combination with solar collectors and PV plants for a multiple dwelling as a pilot project for the decentralized warmth supply in the energy city of Weiz

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FernwäRme Weiz GmbH sets up and a heat pump operates based on Ice loft technology for the heating and cooling of the multi party house. On the part of the client the DEAR Elin gets instead of Radiatoren area heating system installed, the one besides the heating of the rooms into combination with the heat pump also a cooling this one Making rooms in the summer months possible. On the whole the current required for the operation of the heat pump shall possibly with one Photovoltaic plant being produced. The interpretation of the heat pump is carried out to be able to make use of the current production at most in Furthermore performance switching systems become cascade form, in the area of the inverters install, these make the direct business of single buyers possible. „DIe FernwäRme Weiz GmbH sets up and a heat pump operates based on Eisspei economicalness of photovoltaic plants“carried out by Diplomanten at the HTBLA Weiz and the base for examinations going on and deepening should in cooperation with the TU Graz offering. The interpretation of the ice lofts is also carried out into cascade groups so that running Examinations are made possible it for by means of group switching variants and Speicherund different Being able to use variants be tested. By installed monitoring, visualization and analysis systems shall using the 10 families actual user behavior is and the base for an optimization grasped this one just now make it possible for mentioned plants, around a maximum energy efficiency at a use future Being able to ensure plants.
Effective start/end date1/01/1430/06/16


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