Hyper building city

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Whilst looking for answers to the demands and strategies for a spatial, chronological and digital densification, in this research project, we are creating vertical structures as a conceptual model that covers all necessary infrastructural elements of a society including energy generation, food production and industry. These so-called hyper buildings should not be imagined as solitaires, but as single cells of a complex city model. The concept of hyper buildings foresees structures that consists of urban areas with a population density similar to that of Manhattan but does not require any external energy or water supply, nor does it produce any garbage or emits any CO2. It requires no or only little external supply. Living, office and industrial use coexist with parks and areas of farming, biomass and energy generation. Within the hyper building context, a three-dimensional city structure with urbanity, nature, density and variety is developed with a highly amelioration of the quality of life compared to cities these days.
Effective start/end date1/10/10 → …


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