IDERBLOG - II - Individual DifferEntiated correct writing with Blogs - Individualizing and Implementing

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The aim of the project is to bring a holistic view of the areas of "writing texts" and "writing correctly" to the forefront of the writing process, as both areas are mutually dependent. This results in a new perspective on the two fields, which has practically not yet been carried out because the technical possibilities did not exist. In the project, an internet platform will be set up which enables pupils to write their experiences on computers, tablets or other mobile devices and to make them available to the general public via the internet in a kind of digital "class diary" or "class newspaper". The publication on the Internet, which complies with data protection regulations, increases the motivation to write, as the written texts are accessible to a larger audience. Data protection is taken into account by the fact that the class diary can be viewed in public, partially public or only within the class. Writing the individual contributions gives other pupils the opportunity to read the experiences of other pupils. In this way, the project also trains and increases reading skills. By the possibilities of the Internet reader and author can step over the commentary function to the written one into contact with each other and communicate with each other.
Effective start/end date1/09/1831/08/21


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