IEA EBC Annex 81 - IEA Energy in buildings and communities Anex 81: Datadriven intelligent Buildings

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The construction sector accounts for around 40% of the total final energy consumption and has enormous potential for saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions at low cost. The latest developments in digitization and the establishment of cyber-physical systems have the potential to significantly reduce the costs of building operations. Intelligent systems could access large amounts of data in order to reduce the energy consumption of buildings through optimized regulations that are adapted to actual needs. So far, this potential has only rarely been exploited. The overarching goal of the annex is to improve access to low-cost, high-quality data from buildings and to support the development of data-driven energy efficiency applications and analyzes. This enables the building controls to be optimized in real time and provides energy efficiency data and decision-making aids for building management. In order to achieve the overarching goal of the annex, the annex contains a number of specific goals on the subjects of (i) data acquisition, (ii) digital characterization of buildings, (iii) coding of knowledge in intelligent energy efficiency applications and (iv) support the use of data-driven products and services. These additional goals are 1) Providing knowledge, standards, protocols and procedures for the cost-effective collection and sharing of high quality data in buildings 2) Developing a methodology for creating control-oriented building models that enable testing, development and evaluation of the effects of alternative energy efficient strategies for HVAC - Facilitate control of buildings in a digital environment 3) Develop building energy efficiency (and related) software applications that can be used to reduce energy consumption in buildings and ideally commercialized. 4)Promotion of the transfer of the annex results through case studies, business model innovation and dissemination of results. The aim of Austrian participation in Annex 81 is to network with international project partners in the field of IT and building technology to identify global developments in this field, to actively participate in the cooperative technology development and thus to enhance Austria's competence (on the company side as well as on Side of the research). Through targeted dissemination activities and the involvement of relevant sectors and industries, this knowledge should also be shared with the relevant actors and stakeholders in Austria (control and smart home providers, real estate companies, building technology planners, facility management, IT sectors, architects, etc. ) to get redirected. Subsequently, the aim is to use the international networks gained from the annex, in particular to strengthen Austrian companies, such as permanent cooperation with annex partners in the area of ​​cooperative technology development, possible partnerships in the area of ​​Horizon Europe or at the level of classic business cooperation.
Effective start/end date1/11/2031/07/24


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