IEA-SHC Task 41: Solar Energy and Architecture

Project: Research project

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Solar Energy & Architecture (Task 41 - Solar Energy and Architecture) aims at pointing out the compatibility of energetic building optimisation and high quality architecture. The architectonically attractive integration of solar energy systems will contribute to increasing acceptance for solar energy systems as well as to market penetration of building-integrated solar energy systems. It is the objective to contribute to increasing the demand for this type of building. The project consists of the following tasks: Subtask A: Architectural quality criteria and guidelines for architects and product developers are developed. Subtask B: Guidelines for tool developers, focussing on tools for early stage evaluations and balancing of various solar technologies integration are developed. Subtask C: Integration concepts and examples are described. The scope of the project includes residential and non-residential buildings. Both, new and existing buildings will be dealt with.
Effective start/end date1/10/0930/04/12


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