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In 1995, following formal agreement with the Republic of Austria, the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) proceeded to establish its headquarters and secretariat in Laxenburg, near Vienna. An important incentive for this agreement was an arrangement to launch a Telecommunications project, supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Research and Transport and geared towards the development of IFIP's information and communication infrastructure, as a central piece of IFIP's management and organization. The objectives of the project were defined as enhancing the efficiency of the IFIP Secretariat's routine operations, offering extended information and communication services to IFIP's bodies, members and partner organizations, environmentally friendly and cost effective communication and manpower applications and other. Within this project, IAIK focused to establish telecommunication solutions capable of improving the access to the IFIP information resources from developing and emerging countries. Therefore, a secure teleconferencing server based on the Usenet protocol was developed, allowing for telepresence at regular meetings. An email to WWW gateway developed at IAIK improves access to the WWW from developing countries, as downloads of documents can be done by requesting the document by eMail, respectively reliable delivery by the eMail to Web gateway as MIME attachment. Finally, a WWW to facsimile gatewa...(this text has been cut automatically)
Effective start/end date31/07/9631/07/97


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