Inno-EBS - Interdisciplinary knowledge transfer in Electronic Based Systems (EBS) to strengthen value chain actors

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Electronic Based Systems (EBS) are components, devices and systems with micro- and nanoelectronics as well as the corresponding embedded software. They are a key enabling technology (KET) and form the basis for a wide range of digitized products and processes, such as autonomous vehicles, personalized medicine, the Internet of Things and intelligent machines. The ongoing upswing in the field of digitalization opens up excellent business opportunities for Austrian companies, which already have a competitive edge in individual areas of EBS. However, EBS is also characterized by a high research dynamic with increased international competition from the USA and Asia. In Austria, there are a number of initiatives to promote research in EBS, such as Silicon Austria Labs, which was founded at the beginning of 2019. The qualification program Inno-EBS is set up in a complementary way to this by partly using existing networks of the Styrian, Carinthian and Upper Austrian partners and by putting together an attractive consortium of 5 scientific and 15 corporate partners along the EBS value chain. All company partners have problems finding suitable specialists with EBS know-how on the labor market. The graduates of universities of applied sciences and universities, who are in high demand, are currently being trained internally in company-relevant EBS topics at great expense. However, this lacks the interdisciplinary focus and R&D competence that will be needed in the future. Inno-EBS closes a gap in the market and concentrates on teaching state-of-the-art cross-sectional competencies in hardware, embedded software and systems. The program addresses target groups from these areas as well as generalists in innovation management. In the context of four target group-specific tracks, the most burning topics of the companies in EBS will be addressed. 67 participants will be trained to become certified EBS specialists using current didactic methods such as "blended learning" formats. Transfer projects in the form of labs under the title "Bring your own idea/prototype or design" support the companies with current problems, consolidate the knowledge of the participants and promote cooperation between science and business. Sustainable networking is also ensured by the composition of the consortium and attractive formats such as Expert Exchange Circles.
Effective start/end date1/02/2031/07/23


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