InnoGen - Innovative Generatorkonzepte für hocheffiziente direkt befeuerte Ammoniak/Wasser-Absorptionswärmepumpen

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Almost 60% of Austrian single family houses are heated with fossil fuels in terms of central heating. Approximately 50% of installed oil fired boilers and 15% of installed gas boilers are older than 15 years and do not meet the technical standards anymore. In addition, most of these heating systems are oversized as pointed out by the VÖK (Verband Österreichischer Kessellieferanten), a practice commonly applied at the time these units were installed. This leads to additional heating costs for Austrian households in range of 690 Million Euros per year or an additional emission of 1.7 Million tons of CO2. Hence, the potential for saving greenhouse gas emissions by using highly efficient heating equipment is enormous.
Effective start/end date1/08/0929/02/12


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