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The use of green hydrogen as an energy source is an attractive option for further reducing CO2 emissions in the transportation sector and on the way to "near-zero pollutant emissions". Beside the use of hydrogen in the fuel cell, the spark ignited combustion of H2 is another cost-efficient way of using a CO2-neutral fuel flexibly and sustainably in private, public and commercial transport. Thus, latest research activities aim on the development of appropriate combustion engine concepts that will allow rapid market launch on the basis of proven basic technology, existing production infrastructure and known vehicle architecture. However, the combustion of hydrogen is accompanied by dependencies and interactions that differs from those of conventional fuels. In particular, the effect of increased mechanical stress on the tribological system of the piston bore interface with subsequent impact on emissions and combustion quality needs to be investigated. The project aims the fundamental investigation of the piston bore interface of a hydrogen combustion engine with direct injection and exhaust gas turbocharging.
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/08/24


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