Interstitial Fluid Sampling using Open Flow Microperfusion

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      Diabetes is also characterized by derangement of lipid metabolism. However, sampling of adipose tissue interstitial fluid substances with high molecular weight (e.g., free fatty acid) was not possible so far. The aim of this study was to evaluate the microperfusion method for sampling interstitial fluid substances of high molecular weight. The double lumen catheter of the system was inserted in the adipose tissue and was perfused through the inner lumen with ion-free solution. Due to the perforations of the catheter, the interstitial fluid equilibrated partially with the perfusion fluid. In this way, interstitial fluid samples were obtained from healthy volunteers during fasting and from patients with IDDM during a hypoglycaemic hyperinsulinemic clamp experiment. It could be shown that sampling of substances even with a high molecular weight like free fatty acid and albumin is possible under these experimental conditions. not assigned GG: Max Kade Inc.
      Effective start/end date1/02/9731/01/00


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