Investigations in the Hydrological Research Basin of Pöllau (Eastern Styria)

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In the framework of the International Hydrological Program 1978, the building of the hydrological reserach basin in the inlet of Pöllau at Hartberg (East-Styria) was started. This measuring network for research purposes is operated by Graz University of Technology and the Hydrological Service of the Styrian Government. The hydrological research basin (58,3 km2) is equipped with measuring instruments for time invariant precipitation self-recording (precipitation gauge using tipping bucket and the weighing principle). Bubble gauges as well as pressure probes equipped with digital recording systems, are used for water level measurement. At the moment 7 rain gauges and 5 discharge gauges and a meteorological station are available. At the meteorological station precipitation, air temperature and pressure, relative atmospheric moisture, soil temperature in several depths, albedo, evaporation, wind direction and velocity are continuously measured and registered. The precipitation is measured by different principles (tipping buckets and electronic weighing) and in different heights (standard height and terrain height). At the water level gauges, discharge measurements are periodically carried out in order to prepare current rating curves.
Effective start/end date1/01/95 → …


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