JOIN4+ 2.7 ABS - Resistance butt, flash butt and high frequency weldability of thermomechanically rolled high strength microalloyed steel grades as well as quenched and tempered steel grades (RB-FB-HF-Weldability)

  • Kicin, Mustafa (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Enzinger, Norbert (Principal Investigator (PI))

Project: Research project

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In the resistance butt- (RBW), flash butt- (FBW) and high frequency welding (HF) of high and ultra high strength hot rolled strips the most notable interest is the relation between the toughness and the following deformation process. The project has to clarify whether the requirements can be met with suitable welding parameters and an optimized welding edge preparation. Furthermore, solutions for possible improvements should be developed (metallurgical and process technology). The project is divided into the following subsections: 1. numerical simulation of butt welding process: Considering the thermal and mechanical load during the welding process, which affects the microstructure development, the process is numerically simulated. For the determination of the necessary, temperature-dependant material parameters, physical simulations on the Gleeble 3800 have to be performed. Numeric simulation is verified with the experimental results; 2. detailed microstructural characterization: In order to get basic information about the changes of microstructure, an extensive experimental characterization of the basic material as well as of the welding zone is performed. The influence of the post weld heat treatment is examined on actual welds as well as on physically simulated samples. The material behavior is characterized by dilatometer investigations and represented in the welding CCT diagram. Objectives: I. Numerical simulation of the welding process; II. Improving toughness and strength of resistance butt and flash butt welded QT and case hardened steels; III. Determination of metallurgical and microstructural influences on the weld quality.
Effective start/end date1/08/111/06/14


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