KIS-GRAMM - Climate Information System Graz

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As part of the project climate information system "KIS" Graz, work package 3 (AP3), the current status and scenarios for future development in the "Graz area" (approx. 55 km x 55 km) are to be mapped. Using coupled model simulations, the current state of the regional climate (wind, temperature and humidity) is recorded in high resolution. The measurement data (AP-2 basic data) available within the framework of KIS are used for driving the model GRAMM (GRAz Meteorological Model) in order to achieve the highest possible quality of the high-resolution wind, temperature and humidity maps. The work is carried out together with BOKU Vienna, which operates the regional model system WRF with approx. 1 km horizontal resolution. A horizontal resolution of up to 100 m is aimed at for the local investigation area for the GRAMM simulations. The calculated wind fields are used for pollutant dispersion calculations with GRAL and case studies (in WP-4) on ventilation with regard to different urban forms. In this respect, this work represents the basis for further investigations within the framework of KIS.
Effective start/end date1/03/2230/06/23


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