Koralmbahn KAT2_COVID - Impact of COVID-19 on the Construction of the Koralmbahn (KAT2 )- Influence on the productivity of constructing the inner concrete shell

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The Covid-19 pandemic had a major influence on the year 2020, with a dramatic impact on all areas of life. As one of the most significant economic sectors in Austria, the construction industry is also heavily suffering from the related restrictions and implications of the Covid-19 crisis. Many construction companies use the specially designed ÖBV guideline to account for losses of productivity. This guidance document includes a certain standard range for calculating and claiming additional expenses. Yet the question arises whether such additional costs or schedule extensions can actually be consistently covered and processed by means of a guideline. This as well as a number of other questions will be dealt with and answered in this research, using the example of one of the largest construction sites currently operated in Austria, the Koralm Tunnel project (Section KAT 2).
Effective start/end date1/02/2131/07/21


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